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McCown Chiropractic and Massage has served the Longview, Kelso and greater Cowlitz area since 1987 and has been successful due to referrals from satisfied patients and medical professionals. Ours doctors specialize and utilize Activator Method. Activator is an instrument adjusting technique that is a great alternative to manual adjusting with fantastic results. 

The Doctors also perform Deep Tissue Laser Therapy treatments. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is effective for sports injuries, chronic knee, ankle, shoulder, ankle issues and much more.

Orthotics are very important to keep the body and feet aligned. We offer custom molded orthotics at a very reasonable price

McCown Chiropractic also offers massage therapy. We have found that massage and chiropractic compliments each other to get great results. Our massage therapists are very well trained at treating many different conditions.


We invite you to schedule an appointment to experience gentle chiropractic care and massage therapy!

The Doctors  and massage therapist specialize in treating the following:

  • Auto accidents
    • Custom treatment plans and advanced testing to get you back to pre-injury
    • Auto accidents can cause severe damage to your spine and muscles
    • It’s very important to get evaluated after an accident
  • Headaches
    • Most headaches come from misalignments in your neck
  • Neck pain
    • Common problem, that like headaches can be resolved with chiropractic care and massage
  • Low back pain
    • Research has shown most people will have severe low back pain in their lifetime
    • Research has also shown chiropractic to be one of the best ways to treat low back pain
  • SI or sacroiliac pain
    • This is very common source of pain
    • Chiropractic increases the joint motion allowing your body to heal
  • Sciatic pain
    • The sciatic nerve can get pinched/irritated
    • The doctors specialize in advanced tests to help find the cause of the nerve pinching 
  • Shoulder pain
    • Shoulders are very complex and usually respond well to a combination of adjusting and massage
  • Hip pain
    • Very common with patients, the hip joint supports most of our weight
    • Misalignments can cause excessive wear and tear overtime
  • Knee pain
    • Knees need to stay aligned to keep pressure off the meniscus and ligaments
    • Cold laser can significantly decrease inflammation in the knee joint

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Its so nice to have a chiropractor in town that one can trust! The staff are professional and caring, providing excellent care to their patients."
    James D. / Longview, WA

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